cascadia coffee | bar

We are a roaming 1960 Airstream! Look for updates on our location via the map below.

1709 NE 6th Street
Bend, Oregon 97701



Based in the heart of Bend’s Midtown/Orchard Districts, Cascadia Coffee | Bar serves coffee and pastries 7 days a week; weekdays from 6:30 - 2:30 and weekends from 7:00-2:30. Having spent a lifetime in coffee, we are focused on distinct coffees brought to the Pacific Northwest and roasted by our partners, Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland. We are a mobile business, so look out for us at local events.

When not rolling we are parked in Midtwon. This little neighborhood corner is situated conveniently a few blocks north of Olney on your way Eastside or Westside, or an easy offshoot onto the Revere Ave. exit from the highway before you head off on your next adventure. (Take us with you!) We are dedicated to being in the outdoors, from trad/sport climbing throughout the West, paddling whitewater, squeezing through narrow slot canyons, or exploring overland. This is why we call Bend, OR our home, as it has access to world class climbing and great rivers. Come share with us your latest grand escape, and take some beans and a cup of coffee with you.



Heart Coffee Roasters — “The motivation behind our coffee is simple: uncompromising quality. We are a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience.”

Midtown Market — Serving next to us in midtown, we are lucky to bring Midtown’s excellent pastries to our customers.

Bhakti Chai — We are stoked to bring Bhakti to Bend and share this wonderful sustainable business with the community. Bhakti is a spicy chai less sweet many products on the market. We love it!



The owners of Cascadia Coffee | Bar live in Midtown and call Bend home. We are avid climbers, have two crazy little boys, and love learning more about people by sharing our home with world travelers. We have lived all over the USA, from East to West coasts. We have worked in coffee since the first gig in a busy cafe serving stage theater goers at the age of 17. Itinerant barista moving from Detroit to Cincinnati, NYC, San Francisco, Flagstaff, Boulder, and Bend. From big corporate coffee to little craft joints. Its been a ride, and we have discovered that smaller is better.



“...the preparations for working put him simultaneously in the right frame of mind for creating... that collectedness and presence of mind...the right frame of mind for the artist is only reached when the preparing and the creating, the technical and the artistic, the material and the spiritual, the project and the object, flow together without a break.” 
― Eugen Herrigel, Zen in the Art of Archery